Pizza Hut's selfie stick PSA was one of the most shared ads of May 2015. In honor of the one year anniversary since it's release we did a Q&A with Dave Ackerman (of Spaceman Creative) who was the writer and director of the project. Below is a selfie of him and his wife.

Q: What initially inspired the selfie stick video?

We work with a lot of great creatives and agencies. This was done by Shareability who brought me on to write and direct this video. They knew they wanted to do something around selfie sticks because they were trending and Pizza Hut's Big Flavor Dipper Pizza seemed like it was a fit for these big selfie sticks but they weren't sure how to combine the two. The idea went through a lot of changes but when I wrote the PSA script with the snarky anti-selfie tone I think it just felt like it was saying what so many people where thinking and it felt right to everybody.

Q: Do you find the selfie stick phenomena annoying?

Not really, I don't see them that often. Now whenever I see one I think about the video and kind of chuckle. I guess I probably laugh at people who use them a little.

Q: Have you ever used a selfie stick?

I think maybe once or twice outside the video. My wife is the family historian though. I don't take too many pictures. Using the sticks on the set I can see how someone would get into it though. It's really kind of convenient. I find I do take selfies quite a bit, I think I've become a selfie guy. I do really like how I look in selfies better than regular pictures. Does that make me a Narce-artist?

Q: What was the reaction to the video like for you?

It was awesome to see the video get so many shares and views. It got written up by a bunch of my favorite blogs and reading what people said made me realize it wasn't a spoof of a PSA it was a funny PSA. I had never really realized it but all these blogs were talking about the actual selfie stick problems and our video kind of gave a funny voice to that. 

The best thing that happened though was a week or so after it was out I was hiking in the Grand Canyon with my brothers and another group had a selfie stick and were taking pictures with it and talking about the video. My brother over heard them and introduced me like a big Hollywood director and I gladly played the part and felt Grand Canyon famous for a minute.

Plus the client loved it so, that's always nice!

Q: What worries and concerns about the execution of the concept did you have while writing script?

I was worried it would come off contrived or forced. Like you have these huge poles that people would never use, or these slap stick situations like using a selfie stick in the pool and I just wanted them to come off really natural.

Q: Looking back, is there anything you would of done differently with the script?

Well we had a little bit of dialogue in the b-roll that didn't make the cut, a few funny lines between selfie takers. They didn't need to be in there and that's why they were cut. 

Q: What was your favorite part of the video.

I was really proud of all the coverage we got and all the sight gags. The pool, the gym, the lemonade stand, the elevator stuff, just visual joke after visual joke. My favorite though was the three stooges style room destruction at the end. This happy-go-lucky guy that just destroys his house with a selfie stick. I wanted it to feel natural but also nod to Charlie Chaplin and the Stooges and that kind of mad cap stuff and it came out great. Still one of my favorite all time shots that I have been involved with.

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