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Who is Josh James and Domo?

Josh James is a tech entrepreneur. He started a web analytics company called Omniture that sold to Adobe for 1.8B. His newest venture called Domo specializes in big business data. A few weeks ago they announced a product called The Business Cloud.

Domo has produced a few quirky online videos to promote The Business Cloud, one actually stars Alec Baldwin and feels a lot like Amazons Echo commercial that also features a walking Alec Baldwin.

Domo is pioneering new tech territory and they have a fun and energetic CEO/culture; we'd like to see a video that more accurately highlights all that.

The Idea

Josh James goes up in a plane with a new (soon to be) 'The Business Cloud by Domo' customer. They jump out of the plane with a piece of paper and a pen or maybe just an iPad; whatever they need to officially ink the deal. They shake hands and then pull the chutes. 

Which will no doubt be the biggest contract ever signed while in free fall; it showcases an epic moment of doing business in the clouds.

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