Each week we share one video idea with one brand. (creative pro bono)

Who is Lenovo?

Lenovo is a Chinese computer technology company that makes and sells tons of PCs. Among those PCs is the Lenovo LaVie Z (pictured to the right) and it's one of the lightest laptops in existence. Weighing in at 1.72 pounds, it even beats out the 2.03 pound newest Apple MacBook (which has a one inch smaller screen by the way).

Despite having the feather weight claim to fame, most people associate lightness with the MacBook or MacBook Air. We'd like to see a video that illustrates how light Lenovo laptops are in a fun and shareable way.

What is a standing desk?

There has been a recent craze for standing desks (especially in hip tech companies). I first learned of the trend through a couple Kickstarter campaigns that boasted the health/productivity benefits of standing rather than sitting. Now you'll notice that even bigger furniture manufacturers like Ikea are starting to produce them.

Below is a cardboard one for those buying on a budget.

The Idea

Lenovo introduces the first 'floating desk' in a video that pokes fun of the standing desk craze. This new hovering desk is essentially a quadcopter drone (something consumer grade that only has a payload of a couple pounds) that has two wires that connect to a small platform that the LaVie Z rests on.

The worker is able to sit down and work. The worker is able to stand and work. The worker is able to walk down the hallway and work. With each turn and movement from the worker, the drone perfectly aligns. It is the epitome of efficiency and convenience.

The ridiculousness of the desk is highlighted as the worker is unable to hear co-workers because of the buzz of the loud propellers or as the wind created by the drone blows nearby papers.

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