Each week we share one video idea with one brand. (creative pro bono)


When it comes to the consumer drone market share battle, all you need to know is that there is a white one (made from DJI) and a black one (made by 3DR).

DJI is winning the battle overall, but 3DR has made great strides to become the 'smarter' of the two drones (by pioneering programmable routes).

The technology in the 3DR Solo can turn even the most novice drone pilot into an expert drone photographer and allow users to get 'the shot' in a fraction of the time; saving you battery life, allowing you to capture more.

We'd like to see a fun and shareable video that brings this smart drone to life, while highlighting amazing functionality.


Pixar Shorts have become iconic films in their own right, almost as well known as the movies they precede. Pixar always tells a fantastic story with unique and relatable characters. One of their most loved movies is WALL-E. WALL-E is remarkable because the main characters say very little but show a wide range of emotion and personality. In one sequence WALL-E and EVE fall in love as they dance together through space. We want to give 3DR drones character and personality and tell a heartfelt, humorous, real-life story reminiscent of WALL-E and other well known Pixar Animated Shorts.


Robots have been able to gain consciousness and distinct personalities. In this video, robots of all shapes and sizes are held in cages like dogs in a kennel. Several drones with prop guards hover in their cages. Two almost identical Solos next to each other are separated when a human adopts one of them and takes it home. Using camera angles, music and even the buzz from their propellors we humanize the machines, giving them real emotions. Each drone is taken by different owners, at first they miss each other but come to love their new owners like a puppy with a new family. When the drones are eventually reunited while flying in the sky they go off blissfully dancing around each other (in programmed routes) and their human pilots are brought together as well.

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