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Who is Nest?

On the off chance that you still have an original 1935 Honeywell thermostat hanging on your wall (because the craftsmanship of expanding mercury is so hipster)......

Nest Labs creates connected smart home devices. And while their thermostat has had paramount success, the camera has not picked up the same traction, which is why we think a good video for the camera is important.

Now, Nest Cams are more than a security camera. They are an exciting new way to create content in your home or capture those unplanned moments.

We'd like to see a hauntingly shareable video that demonstrates both these capabilities.

What is Paranormal Activity?

Paranormal Activity is an extremely popular horror film franchise. The films are shot in reality or 'found footage' style using hand held video cameras and home security cameras. This helps the audience buy into the idea that the footage is real. Objects move without being touched, shadows form without a known source, etc. As the film progresses the subjects become more certain that the strange happenings are the result of a haunting spirit and they become increasingly scared as they watch the footage as it reveals the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

The Idea

Our idea is to create a short parody of this kind of movie. Using NEST cams, our frightened but determined homeowner sets out to capture the spooky causes of the unusual activity in his creepy, recently inherited home. As he sets up the cameras he explains the reoccurring haunting behaviors: moving dolls and toys, lights that come on by themselves, a clock that mysteriously stops at the same time every night. BUT, things take a turn for the funny when the NEST cams reveal that each of these ghoulish happenings are actually explained by very NORMAL ACTIVITY.


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