How many Kit Kat's would a KiQ Cat eat if a KiQ Cat could eat Kit Kat's?

Well, assuming a Kit Kat bar costs around $0.50, and each bar contains 4 sticks; then KiQ raised over 160,000 Kit Kat sticks in the first 24 hours!

We had so much fun making the Kickstarter campaign video for the amazing KiQ team. I mean, sure we filmed it on a hot summer day, in an un-air-conditioned metal workshop; but it was pretty much a spiritual sweat lodge of film making enlightenment type experience.

The concept/direction to poke fun and pay homage to the hipster/maker scene came to us pretty fast after we first learned about how fun/unique this new virtual assistant stuffed animal was going to be. Which is why we chose a workshop as the shoot location and started the video with dramatic music and VO of how millennials crave a connection to every object in their life. One of our favorite shots left on the editing floor was Sydney (our actress) grinding a hunk of irrelevant metal (which actually damaged the grinding wheel and we had to pay a little money to the owner - expensive shot alert!)

By the way, after scouring through actresses, we became sold on Sydney Steinberg after seeing this video where she plays a woman with Puppy Love. We knew right away that she could play our cat lady. Some of her lines in the final video were scripted, but there are sprinkles of her improv genius in there too. One of our favorite lines that didn't make it in because of time constraints was when, after looking passionately at the cat, Sydney turns away and says, 'I can't! Look, this isn't Mad Men. You're my assistant!'

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